Delivery Information

The cost of delivery:

* Green band: FREE (for order less than  €110 delivery charge €40 )

* Red €50



All orders will be accomplish as soon as possible and the pend of what sort of furniture you looking for .

Wardrobes , wall units , kids beds usually beewtwen 1-4 weeks  

upholstery 2-9 weeks . 

Send us email with product details to get estimated delivery frame .                                                                                                                                                                                                                

The day before the delivery we will contact you to agree a convenient hour.
If after previously delivery arrangment, nobady at home we will charge for delivery and new date will be arrange.
Our products are delivered by one courier to your front door .
The driver is under no obligation to deliver the furniture on floors of houses and flats and it’s only up to him if he does.
We are not responsible for any damage made during delivering on floors.
Please make sure furniture will fit doors ,corridors etc. as It's your responsability to ensure they will fit into your home as return fee will be aplied . Return price is at the pend of item (€30-100)